The Daily Orange

I recently concluded my time as an editor at The Daily Orange. In the past two years, I worked as an assistant news editor for two semesters, news editor for one semester and managing editor for the fall 2015 semester. Below, you'll find some of the work I produced in that time.

Investigators use computer data to uncover SU's violations

When news of the NCAA's report on Syracuse University broke, The Daily Orange staff had just left campus for spring break. As news editor, I led the paper's coverage and wrote around a dozen articles myself on the report and subsequent sanctions. This piece focused on how investigators used metadata from employee and student-athlete computers to track down who was actually completing assignments, which led to the discovery of multiple violations.

Floyd Little thrives in expansive role for Syracuse administration

About a month before NFL Hall of Famer Floyd Little was honored with his own statue at Syracuse University, I profiled him and his role within the school's administration, which involves a number of duties and responsibilities. This story looks into what Syracuse University's only three-time All American in football does for the school long after his playing days ended.

Students stage building sit-in

On Nov. 3, 2014, about 100 students, staff and faculty gathered on the Syracuse University quad for a rally to promote diversity and transparency within the administration. At the conclusion of the rally, some attendees marched to the administration building, where they began a sit-in that would ultimately last 18 days. On the day of the rally and initial sit-in, I covered the entire thing, live-tweeting the entire thing and posting multiple stories as it unfolded. I then wrote this story on deadline for the next day's paper.

Syracuse University 2016 commencement
speaker reflects trend in lack of diverse speakers

After it was announced Donald Newhouse would deliver SU's 2016 commencement address, I wrote this story for the next day's paper assessing how Newhouse fit in with the types of speakers that had historically been selected by the university.

One year later, DPS officer still faces effects of
lightning strike

This story profiled a Department of Public Safety officer who was struck by lightning, focusing on his recovery in the year after the incident. I was the only local reporter granted an interview with the officer.


Syracuse University officials stand by decision
to disinvite photographer due to Ebola fears

An award-winning photographer was scheduled to speak at a Syracuse University photography workshop about a month after he'd returned from Liberia, where he was covering the Ebola crisis. Administrators chose to disinvite him out of concerns over health risks his attendance posed. In addition to an initial story that focused on reactions, this story looked at the full aftermath of the decision and what administrators and the photographer had to say.

Whitman reviews curriculum, has plan in place
for 'high-level changes'

When the business school at Syracuse University reviewed and altered its curriculum for the first time in a decade, I wrote this story looking at what the changes were and why they were made.

Hanna Strong’s derogatory comments spark campus outrage

This story was written one day after a member of the women's soccer team was recorded using derogatory language. It focused on reactions from administrators, students and others around campus.

MetLife Stadium agreement benefits Syracuse financially in scheduling, recruiting

I wrote this story as part of a series on the connection between Syracuse football and New York City. It focused on the school's beneficial decision to play games at MetLife Stadium, about five hours from campus. I spent about four months reporting on this story, speaking with members of other universities and MetLife officials, as well as those associated with SU Athletics.